Five Reasons To not Purchase the Apple MacBook Air


Today, first off, I would prefer saying I am not a hater of Apple items (I’ve run numerous iPods). Nevertheless, when it involves the Apple MacBook Air, I’ve to state the piece of mine. The MacBook Air is a terrific machine, along with a marvel of modern laptop computer design and engineering. Nevertheless, with the mass consumer, I would point out there is a few of great reasons you do not wish the MacBook Air as the laptop of yours. This in much more detail is described by this article.

Reason one: Only one USB Port The principal gripe originates from the reality that the MacBook Air has one USB port. Nowadays, 2 USB ports would be the minimum for just about any laptop. Many laptops have 3 ports.

The optical drive has become regular in many laptops – most has a DVD writer. Though the MacBook Air provides the choice of hooking to some shard optical drive on a different machine, we believe it does not fully compensate for the absence of the drive.

Reason three: Price, Price, Price And as always, prices are surely a constraining factor. Granted, Apple does should have a high quality in cost as a result of the wonderful pattern plus sleekness of the MacBook Air, though we nevertheless believe it’s a tad too much regarding cost. SUA MACBOOK UY TIN

Reason four: No ExpressCard Slot or maybe Card Reader The absence of an ExpressCard slot or maybe card reader would deter a lot of digital photography enthusiasts. Many laptops today include card readers incorporated into the machine.

Now that’s fairly short. It would induce problems for business travelers that require regular access to their documents through the laptop computer. We suspect a lot of these people will like the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 alternatively.

And there you’ve it. five reasons one wouldn’t need to purchase the Apple MacBook Air. And so until next time, happy computing!

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